Friday, August 19, 2011

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 3

So I felt so incredibly horrible about posting a Best of the Best update that was mostly hip hop that I went and got you guys enough videos for yet another post in just 2 short days. You're welcome.

Dana Wilson and Shaun Evaristo collab. feat Sh*t Kingz - Ooh Ahh/All I Want Is You/Sure Thing
Yes, that's one video, don't worry. Some of my favorite hip hop artists mixed into one video. This is the sexiest/girliest I've ever seen Dana Wilson (and isn't she?), and this is a real piece of brilliant work.

Inspire Dance Co. Senior Company - First Company Class 9.19.08
I don't think I've ever featured anything quite like this before...neither have I ever seen anything quite like this! There's contact improv, regular improvisation, but also group choreography phasing in and out of one another. There's some pretty amazing moments, and what a neat concept!

Nicki Loud performed by Kristina Koumaeva - Stupid
This is interesting. The choreography is beautifully brilliant. Unfortunately, I completely agree with the top rated comment - Miss Koumaeva brings no passion or emotion to the piece, which is saddening because she's a beautiful technician. Much more accomplished than I can dream of becoming! Anyways, watch it for the choreography, it's worth it.

Troy Herring (update: many thanks to Rose for additional information)- Werewolf
This is some of the most interesting partnering I've ever seen! The choreographer (unnamed) always keeps things fresh, nothing is anticipated, which is something rare that I love. That being said, I'm not completely in love with the dancing. I feel like the whole thing was a little too much flail and not enough dynamics - the "emotion" or mood stayed static throughout the piece. Not sure if that's the dancers' failure to interpret or the choreographer's failure to choreograph dynamics in, but the movements themselves are gorgeously choreographed and executed. Update: Troy Herring and his partner Bailey are 16 and 14 respectively in this piece. Really amazing stuff :)

Marquis Cunningham (from SYTYCD Season 4) - Elephant in the Room
This one is all long lines, drops, and quick stops amongst the flow. In short, it's gorgeous.

Terry & Mandy Schulke (Just Plain Dancin') - Witches of Oz
I have a love-hate relationship with this piece. I love the dancing, I hate the costumes. I love the choreography, I hate the prop/set (what is it anyway?). I'm somewhat not liking the fact that the choreographers sexified some movements and the prop/set very blatantly. I love the concept and the music. See what you think.

Kate Jablonski for Beyond Words Dance Company - Kids
This is different for Kate Jablonski! I've definitely featured at least 5 of her videos here before, all in one shot too...and I love her work. But this is something else. I can't say I'm totally in love with it, but I really like it and appreciate it. It's sort of like watching a stop motion film with every other slide taken out. That's how sharp and clean it is. It's a jazz bordering on hip hop. But love it or hate it, you have to admit the formation changes are seamless and interesting and crisp, which is one of the things I love most about Kate. Props to the girls of Beyond Words for pulling this off so effortlessly (I'm sure it took a lot of work though.)!

Kate Jablonski for Beyond Words Dance Company - Dirty Orchestra
Usually I'd post two videos under the same name and write one description to reference both videos. But I just can't because these two are so polar opposite! This is ballet-infused jazz. This. Is. Brilliance. It's so incredible that I have no words. This concept is so incredibly well done that I have nothing, nothing to say. Except okay, the fact that it's very balletic exposes weakness in the dancers. These dancers are clearly trained for jazz, and they're absolutely brilliant for jazz (and even hip hop, as seen above)! But their ballet could do with a few more lessons, I think. But I love, love, love the way that Kate choreographs each segment to a specific section of instruments in the music. This is embodiment of music at its best. No doubt.

That's it! I'll try and get some more styles going in my Best of the Best updates. I know I absolutely flood you with hip hop videos and come a close second with contemporary, but I'm going to be trying to add more ballet and jazz as we go along :) Again, if you have any favorite videos, dancers, or choreographers that you'd like to share, please leave me a comment! I'm always looking for more material :)


  1. Werewolf was choreographed by Troy Herring at the age of 16, he is the male dancing in the piece. His partner Bailey Evans was 14 at the time. The piece was selected & performed at The Young Choreographers Festival this past June (2011). Troy made some changes to the routine for the festival & it is on Rosieh2 youtube channel. Troy is currently a sophmore at The Juilliard School in the dance program.

  2. Thank you, Rose, for the info :) I'll update now!