Sunday, April 22, 2012

What do you think? - Nike Arc Angels

Athletic shoes + pointe shoes + Nike = the Nike Arc Angel. This is a training pointe shoe (really only half a shoe...there's no heel) that is designed for stability, absorbing impact, durability, support, and promoting good habits (no sickling).

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I personally think this is an interesting idea that had a strange execution. There isn't much information given on the page - it was obviously written by non-dancers. I don't see how it "encourages proper technique," but I haven't tried it so I don't know. Maybe it will encourage less sickling and getting over the box of the shoe, but I don't know. Also, it has no heel, meaning it's only a half-shank. Some dancers can use and prefer shoes with only half a shank. This shoe, however, is meant for beginners ("training purposes") who probably need the stability of a full shank. It does look comfortable, but it's definitely not a performance shoe. I really don't's a strange concept. What do you think?

**Update edit: These shoes are not actually affiliated with Nike, and were designed by a design student at the College of Creative Studies named Guercy Eugene. They are not in production, nor do they seem like they will be at any time.