Thursday, September 27, 2012

Capezio Demipointe Shoe

I just got an email that Discount Dance Supply had updated their shoe collection for fall (shoes!), which was super exciting just because I like looking at all the shininess. What I didn't expect was coming across something new - the Capezio Demipointe Shoe

Broad Demipointe Shoe - Style No 1118
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Here is the description from the DDS website:
This broad fit demi pointe shoe best accommodates a broad forefoot with even length toes, has no shank and is designed for the dancer preparing for an introduction to pointe work. Features include a broad toe box, an internally cushioned broad platform, a stitched toe box with quiet toe construction, a low vamp and round throat, a soft cotton lining and foam insole, a light strength box, a 3/4 feathered pasted box with very light wings, bias side seams, satin binding, elastic drawstring and a short suede outer sole with compo construction.

Essentially, it's a pointe shoe with no shank and a little less structure. It's what I do to my old pairs of dead pointe shoes (take the shank out to make a soft shoe), and it's $40+. I don't know if something like this is necessary for pre-pointe, but it could be useful in preparing a beginner for what a pointe shoe feels like. Best of all, it's an introduction to choosing a pointe shoe - a generic shoe that will give the wearer an idea of what pointe shoes can feel like so that they will be more informed when choosing their first pair of real pointe shoes.

Other than that, I don't necessarily see a point(e) to this 'demipointe' shoe. What do you think?

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