Monday, August 1, 2011

Free Ballet Shoes from Capezio!

Hi everyone!

Yes, I'll be doing a real post today, but I just wanted to alert you all first to this great offer from Capezio that I found literally on the first page of this month's edition of Dance Magazine. It looks like this...

This is a photo of my copy of Dance Mag - sorry it's not great.

Basically, the offer is that you go to and if you're over 13 (or you can get a parent to help you), you can enter your address, email, and adult shoe size and get a free pair of ballet slippers! This offer isn't exclusive to those who have a subscription to Dance magazine, so anyone can cash in on it! You do need a credit card though, so ask your parents if you don't have your own!

There's a few catches: 1) you pay about $5 for shipping (but hey, you get ballet slippers for $5, that's a great deal) and 2) Capezio chooses the style and color, and 3) you can't return the shoes you get or complain for another pair. But if your teacher doesn't care what style or color of shoe you wear, it doesn't really matter! And you have a lovely backup pair of shoes always on hand, even if you're not in love with them! I'm pretty sure this is a great deal. Snap it up while it lasts (through October 1, 2011)!

Update: I ordered my own pair just this morning after I made this post, and it appears that I'll have to wait 2-3 weeks for shipping. I'll make another post showing you what I got and reviewing the shoe I get up against my go-to shoe - the Bloch Prolite II.

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