Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SYTYCD Season 8 Finale?!

Is anyone else anxious to see who's gonna win this season? I've tried to avoid putting my opinion on this blog so I don't offend anyone, but I think it's unavoidable now that I've commented on it in my previous post.

This season has been a little crazy, and I really do believe that the overall dancers are better than ever before. Unfortunately, it also means that they were all pretty evenly matched and that no one stood out until the top 8 except Melanie and Marko (power couple anyone?). Even now in the top 4, I feel like they're all deserving of the title, but before I say anything else, I'll just say that I think Melanie will win.

For some reason, she's stood out to me from the beginning, even from when she first auditioned. She had a little more personality I think, and her dancing is just so incredibly powerful (like I talked about before in my previous post). She stood out both as a person and as a dancer. I think it's partially because she's a visual artist (studying...painting? at Fordham Univ.) and because I identify with that, and because it makes her more in tune with the artistic side of dance, and I like that. I'm sure everyone else has their reasons for loving Melanie - I feel like everyone I talk to is rooting for her to win!

Which brings me to my second point. I'm not quite sure I want her to win! You can disagree with me (leave a comment below if you do, I'd be glad to hear your opinions now that I'm voicing mine), but I feel like she hasn't changed throughout the weeks. She dances the same now as when she auditioned. Obviously, that means she was so strong before that she didn't have to change and grow in order to do what was required of her for this show. But she also dances each dance with the same quality. Hip hop, ballroom, contemporary, jazz, they all look the same. Granted, that one look she's got is gorgeous. But it's still just one look. I like Marko and Tadd because they're so adaptable - they fully take on new characters and new personas for each piece. Melanie always dances...Melanie, while other dancers change and mold to the person they're supposed to be dancing as.

I haven't talked about Sasha. Sasha, I think has grown so much. She's so much more powerful now than she was when she started. When she was auditioning with her sister, I was watching her sister a lot. But now, she commands the stage, to the point where she danced with Melanie for a Sonya Tayeh piece, and I was captivated to watch her the whole time. She gets so into the movement, and like Nigel said, I feel like she dances from her soul, and it's something so rare and so beautiful that I think she's my favorite now. Melanie has power. Tadd is amazing in every way, Marko molds to each style and does everything so well, but Sasha has raw power. It's not really something I can describe, it's just that I watch her and feel empowered myself. Not sure, really! Anyone else have a favorite or an opinion? Disagree with me? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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