Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dancing Hair Tips

Putting hair up is one of the things I dislike about dance, but I can't bear dancing when hair is whipping in my face (unless I'm just having fun, dancing by myself, or choreographing - then I love having my hair down). Especially since I've got relatively short hair, it's hard to get it all stuck down without hairspray (I hate hairspray, so that's not in my tips). Here's a few tips I have about hair (I'm thinking about doing a separate ballet bun tutorial):

Rubberized Hairties: You probably know as well as I do that those normal black hairties are soft and they come out easily, but they also don't grip at all and slide down your ponytail in 2 pirouettes. They also get stretched out in just a few uses (or maybe that's just me?).
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Honestly, this is the greatest idea. Just one of these rubberized hairties holds my hair up (used to have to layer 2) and it holds its elasticity for at least a year. I use one to tie a ponytail and a second to tie a bun. I bought two packs 4 years ago and they've lasted me until now (through snapping hairties and losing hairties).

Hairbands with teeth: I don't have enough good things to say about these. They pull my bangs back without having to use 10000 clips and, most importantly, they stay on my head. If you get one that's well-shaped, you won't be in danger of it flying off. I just bought this set that I absolutely love from Forever 21:

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To be honest, the leopard print hairband held little appeal for me. There are no teeth on it, so it'll probably slip off, but I guess it can be cute for everyday wear (although I'm not a huge animal print fan). I bought this pack for the black one because it fit my head so well. And for $2.80, why not buy this pack, even if you only want one? I wore it all through teaching, stretch class, and ballet yesterday, when I was up, down, upside down, and sideways, and it never once fell off or even slid around, and I didn't get those painful dents in the skin behind my ears. I'm definitely going to go back and buy at least 2 more packs so that I'll have back ups of this black hairband when it breaks (hey, they're cheap plastic. What do you expect?). Anyone like leopard?

Rubberized hairbands: Hairbands like this are great if you've got short wispies at the base of your neck because it goes all the way around your head. These have the added bonus of a strip of flexible rubberized coating on the inside of the band so that it won't slip as much. Unfortunately, they do still slip, so I'd suggest you pin it down with 4 clips or bobby pins - one right on top of your head, two behind your ears, and one at the base of your neck. I prefer the hard plastic hairbands (like the one above) to these rubberized ones because I'm lazy you don't have to pin them down.
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Hair clips (not bobby pins): These are great because they hold, are easy to snap on and snap off, and aren't so tiny that you'll lose them in your bag all the time! Granted, they are a little more expensive, but it's worth it. Before I started using headbands, 7 of these clips held down every wispy on my head, and I've got short hair, remember?
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Bobby pins: After I just knocked bobby pins in my description of hairclips, you might be wondering why I put them on my list. You know those bun pins that are either flimsy or really, really long? If I used those, they either wouldn't hold my hair at all or they would poke out of my bun, and that's dangerous and unattractive. What I do (with just regular bobby pins) is stretch out the pin so that it's got a little alligator shape, like this:

Ruined bobby pins - I know.
These pins are short enough that they won't stick out of my bun, and they're strong enough to hold my bun down! Through long hair and short hair, 4-7 of these stretched out pins along the circumference of my bun have worked! I discovered this trick when I ran out of straight-bun pins once, and I've never gone back. However, if you insist that I'm wrong about hair clips for pinning down bangs, twist a small tuft of hair, take your bobby pins, and cross them one over another so that they make an X shape. That will make them stay a lot better. Also use the crossed X bobby pins for pinning flowers, feathers, or other accessories/costume pieces in your hair.

Basically, you may have noticed that most of these products are by Goody. I just like them better than Scunci, or other drugstore hair products, because their products, especially the ones I've mentioned, are cheap, useful, and last for so long.

I also crochet my own hair flowers/bun scrunchies to decorate my hair (let's face it - black leotard, pink tights, and a bun can get boring without a little color). If you're interested, let me know and I'll post pictures and/or a pattern/tutorial! Don't worry, they're easy. I'm not a seasoned crochet-artist.

That's it! Do you have any great hair tips/tricks? Are you a die-hard hairspray or bobby pin fanatic (sorry if I offended you)? Talk to me, I'm desperate to hear back from readers Leave a comment below!

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