Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Tried It...The New and Improved Goody Slide-Proof Hair Elastics

You all know how much I raved about Goody's StayPut Hairties in my hair tips post. I. love. them. So I was at Target the other day with my mother doing some last minute back-to-college shopping when I spotted the hair aisle, so I wanted to stock up on some more! Turns out Goody changed them. You probably could hear my scream of agony from China. I'm only half kidding. Anyways, they look like this, compared to the old ones:

This is what the old packaging (above) looks like compared to the new (below). Yes, I still have a full, new, never-been-used pack of the old kind. I'm a hoarder, obviously.
Again, the old hairties close up (above) vs. new ones (below)
Look closely at the second photo. Don't the "new and improved" hairties look like they have 50% less rubber showing? Yeah, I thought so too. And that's why you could hear my scream of agony from China.

Really though? I bought them anyway and put them to the test. I put my hair up in my normal high bun (2 hairties) and left it there all day. I went out shopping, had lunch, came home and packed. Did everything that I would in a normal day (except dance). And you know what? They're great! I think they slip even less than the old ones did! I'm incredibly amazed.

Unfortunately, one of the two hairties I used did snap inside. I can still use it, but that was slightly disappointing. See?:

Good hairtie (left) vs. snapped hairtie (right) - both new version of Goody Hairties
Overall, I still highly recommend these hairties! They might even be better than the old ones, but I'll put them to the test the next time I get into a dance class. Have you guys tried them out? What do you think?

Update: After a second use, the 2nd hairtie in the photo above (snapped one) completely snapped. I'm assuming this is just bad luck...that I chose a bad one, because the other one is completely fine. It hasn't even stretched out much, if at all. Will continue to use more of the pack and let you guys know if I still recommend them after a few more.


  1. I'm so glad to see it's not just me wondering what has IMPROVED!?! I used to LOVE their elastics but now they're crap like Scunci. Fortunately for them and unfortunately for us, there aren't many other options. :'(

    1. I have to say I really love these hairties, they hold so well...just 90% of the package is defective! I only have 2 good ones left from a pack of 10 or 12. At least they're not expensive...