Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 2

More general updates on the best Youtube dance videos around! Sorry, they're mostly hip hop again. And mostly the same people again. I've got my favorites...

Chachi Gonzales (I.aM.mE crew) - I Should Have Kissed You
You guys are probably so tired of seeing me feature Chachi/I.aM.mE/other crew members on this blog and in these posts, but I can't help it! They're so amazing. Many thanks to one of my best friends who showed me this, because this is so different for Chachi. I loved her before, but this is a whole different level - mature, tutting influenced, sexy...this girl's got everything going for her. Oh, and also? If I didn't love her dancing enough, this totally captured my heart - NO CRUMBS PLEASE. She's such a lady.

Matthew Tseng - No One Really Wins
This is crazy. It's not so much that I love the way the choreography looks or flows or develops, but this combination basically has everything that I love to do in it. I kid you not, everything. All of my favorite moves, give or take a few (ok, maybe not everything). It just looks like so much fun to do, it makes me wanna dance! Check it out.

Dana Wilson - No Diggity
Okay, I'm semi-biased because I actually learned this piece from Dana herself at a convention, but it's just so smooth, so sensual, and so classic. The way she dances hip hop is unparalleled. By the way, I sucked at this piece, haha.

Luam - One in a Million
Luam's choreography just sits in every groove that the music has to offer. It seems like the embodiment of music. Saying she's a musical dancer/choreographer does her no justice, and this is one of her better in my opinion.

Keone Madrid feat. Bam Martin, Andye Jamieson, Ian Eastwood, & S**t Kingz @ Summer Drop
This is quite amazing. Keone achieves a perfect balance of smooth, dorky, sexy, and pop. All in one. Not sure if that made sense, but watch it, you'll see. On the subject of Keone Madrid...

Keone Madrid & Mariel Martin - Smooth Operator
I always include at least one beautifully filmed piece in every Best of the Best post, so here's my choice this time! Okay, just kidding. Here's another one from the same couple: Don't Stop The Music

Kaitlynn Edgar - Come to Me     and      Improv     and      Love and War
Ok, yes, she's a competition dancer and I'm not usually one for competition dancing/dancers/choreography. Hear me out and watch one or two (or all three!) of these videos - they're in chronological order, starting with age 12, then 14, then 15, I believe? That could be off. Anyways, this girl is quite something. Not only does she have legs that go on for miles, intense flexibility, and the most stable center of gravity that I've ever seen, but she is also incredibly graceful, dynamic, and exciting. Seeing her evolution from year to year was astounding. Surprisingly, I find that she was most graceful in the first video (age 12). Check her out!

Alright...that's it for this time! If you guys have any video suggestions, leave a comment, I'd be glad to see/hear what you think!

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