Monday, August 1, 2011

What's in my dance bag?

Fashion bloggers and vloggers do these kinds of things all the time - "what's in my purse?" posts/videos. I figured this may be long past due (or maybe I just wanted to feel cool enough to do one of these posts) - a list of all the stuff I lug around with me in my ginormous dance bag!

Sorry for yet another horrible photo today.

In the main compartment:
  1. shoes that I randomly throw in
  2. sweat towel
  3. purple yoga band (basically a canvas strap that I use for stretching and shoulder exercises)
  4. bouncy ball/compact yarn ball (that I use for massaging instead of a tennis ball)
  5. No Fixed Points (bad idea - it's really heavy. I think I'll take it out...)
  6. journal of notes/choreography ideas
  7. jacket
  8. tissues
  9. water bottle
  10. nut mix
  11. change of clothes (leotard/tights/shorts/sports bra or street clothes)
  12. purse (I'll throw it in here when I go to dance)
  13. Flip camera
  14. ankle warmers (I cut a pair of leggings that I didn't like, hemmed them, and scrunch them up on my ankles to warm them)
In side pocket #1 (for shoes - in the photo, the one that isn't half open):
  1. ballet shoes
  2. pointe shoes/toe pads
  3. black jazz shoes
  4. tan jazz shoes
  5. spinning socks (half socks)
  6. foot thongs
  7. extra pair of shorts (if I remember)
In side pocket #2 (the one that is half open in the photo):
  1. band aids/blister band aids
  2. extra womanly things
  3. deodorant
  4. ankle brace
  5. knee brace
In front pocket:
  1. 3 or more hair ties and 6 or more hair clips
  2. bun accessories (hair net, bobby pins, bun scrunchie that I crocheted)
  3. foot tape (talked about it here)
  4. toe tape (paper tape)
  5. first aid kit (band aids, Neosporin)
  6. inhaler
  7. loose cotton
  8. random assortment of necklaces and earrings that I throw in
  9. rubberized headbands (short hair must-have)
In the mesh side pockets:
  1. sewing kit
  2. collapsible hairbrush/compact mirror
  3. decorative pins
  4. more tissues
  5. aloe vera lotion
Keychains that adorn my bag (I love keychains - I collect them :):
  1. a blue cloth "D" that one of my students gave me as a thank you gift
  2. a black pointe shoe
  3. graduation cap
  4. a "New York" big apple keychain
  5. small waterproof watch
  6. luggage tag (I used my dance bag as a carry-on when going to auditions)
Update: In slight response to a comment I got, here's the bag:


      1. 1. Where did you buy this bag?
        2. "extra womanly things" lol Daisy I <3 you =P

      2. 1. Target. This bag is by Reebok (comes in bright pink and black). I think it was about $20, and it's lasted me for a year so far, including 4-5 plane trips!

        2. I think I know you. <3