Sunday, July 24, 2011

Youtube Warm Ups

One of my friends who dances on and off said that she hasn't been taking classes this summer, but has been looking for a way to stretch and stay in shape, so she asked me for some recommendations on guided stretch videos! I figured this would make a great post, so I'm sharing the information with you guys!

I won't add any of my usual commentary that I make on my "best of the best" posts, but I've separated the videos out into categories. Yoga I put in here because I think it's a great way to stretch on your own. The stretch videos I've chosen show you how to do certain stretches, while warm ups and cool downs are for those of you just looking for some guidance in a routine. There's a little cardio/step work involved that isn't stretching in the warm ups/cool downs.

Yoga: (My advice is to learn the Sun Salutation and just do that. There are other salutations you can learn, but this is the most common and easiest for newcomers to yoga to do.)
Body of Yoga - Sun Salutation A
cpyogacpyoga - Surya Namaskara Classico
SoundsTrueVideos - Shiva Rea Yoga Sun Salutation

Stretching: (I don't really want to promote these kinds of videos. Stretching without warming up first is dangerous, so I'd only use these if you're looking for something specific)
Anaheim Ballet - Instructional Stretching
Team Stealth - Lower Back Stretching Exercises
Team Stealth - Quadricep Stretches

Warm Ups/Cool Downs: (honestly, it's so hard to find good guided warm ups on Youtube. Here are the best I found)
GoddessEma - Sweet Dreams
beYOUtv - Soul Sweat Dance (there's some Sun Salutation/Yoga influence at work here)

But, if you're looking for an easy way to quickly increase flexibility (or just get those splits you've been wanting for years), stretch after your hot shower. This way, you know your muscles are already warmed up so you don't have to waste time warming up and you don't have to worry about hurting yourself. Do a few lunges, overstretches on the door or kitchen counter, and you'll have those splits maybe even in a few weeks!

Note: I did maybe 2 hours of research for this? It's hard to find good videos! I'll post more if anyone is interested/as I find more.

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