Friday, July 29, 2011

Youtube Best of the Best: Hip Hop Updates

More amazing videos that I may have missed before or discovered since my second round of updates! I found so many great hip hop videos that this post became mostly hip hop, so I decided to just separate it out into its own post of hip hop video updates. Enjoy!

Hok of Quest Crew - Super Mario Fingers
What in the world?! You can dance without your legs?! Enter finger tutting - some of the funniest and best tutting there is. Hok doing what he does best without the distraction of the rest of his body dancing as well = happiness...and on the subject of Hok and tutting...

Moon of I.aM.mE and Hok of Quest Crew collab. - the ART of TUTTING
You thought the first one was cool? Tutting times two - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, I promise.

Laura Edwards - Motivation
Ever seen a girl hit harder and dance more masculine than a guy? Or maybe you appreciate tomboys? You've got to check out Laura Edwards - her dance style is possibly one of the hardest hitting I've ever seen a girl/woman hit. But don't go thinking that she can't be feminine. Check out Skin (rated R, I'd say, for suggestion and brain overload), which is about as feminine as it gets...

Ian Eastwood - So Beautiful  and   Cricketz
I've tried to avoid bombarding you with Ian Eastwood because I wish I could recommend every video there is. These two pieces are so polar opposite from one another it's almost funny. They've got one thing in common - your brain will be twisted and blown in so many different ways by both pieces.

Tucker Barkley and Ian Eastwood collab. - Scars
This is just so sick. I think this is the first video I ever saw Tucker in...and my mind was blown. Also, after you watch Ian and Tucker dance it, watch the girl in the bright blue top in the select group 1 - she kills it 10 times harder than the 4 guys she's dancing with combined.

U-Miri - Roboting
I tried really hard to introduce new artists in this post because I don't want to get stuck in a rut of only showing my favorite crews/artists! This is a Japanese crew that I really know nothing about - only that their roboting is so simple, but so effective and well done.

Twitch Boss - SYTYCD solo We Gonna Win
This is the epitome of musicality. No words, just watch.

ReQuest Crew - ReBuilt
Put a "Re" on the beginning of Quest Crew and you've got a whole new look - these girls are ready to take on the world. They were just on ABDC, and even though they didn't win, they're still phenomenal. If you saw them on ABDC, you probably remember them as being pretty feminine, and this video is anything but. See what the girls can do?

Alright...another round will be coming!

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