Friday, July 15, 2011

Youtube Best of the Best: Hip Hop

I felt like I'd do something different today. You must all think I'm purely ballerina by now, because most of my posts of advice have been ballet/pointe-related! Not true. For this post, I must thank my best friend for getting me into hip hop. She moves like I never could. And as much as I love watching hip hop now in all its various forms, I still can't do it. Haha! A girl can dream...

So without further ado, here are my favorite videos by some of my favorite hip hop choreographers/dancers/pieces on Youtube, individuals and crews, performances and combinations all included with a little background on each artist/piece:

Expression Crew - Marionette
Would it be right if I didn't start with Expression Crew? The Korean bboy crew rose to fame mainly with this iconic piece, the Marionette. Expression has since broken up, but these performances are saved forever and are still amazing! (this isn't the best video of the Marionette, I just couldn't find the one I first watched. Oops. You get the idea.)

JabbaWockeeZ - New Year's Eve 2011 Rockit
Winners of the first season of ABDC and now a very wealthy crew indeed. Probably one of the best known crews today. The mask idea is really similar to Expression crew, but their ideas and dancing are their own.

Ian Eastwood - Please Don't Go
Is amazing. This is the first video of his I ever watched, and it's still my all-time favorite (but his other works are equally amazing, check them out). There's two pieces of choreography in this video, but my favorite is the second one (Please Don't Go). And he's only 18! What!

Yo-Yo Ma & Lil Buck - Opening Ceremony Exclusive
This I can't say I know much about. Opening Ceremony is sort of a fancy label/showroom of far as I know. Oops. Anyway, this is what happens when you collide some of the most amazing classical music in existence with unexpected hip hop. The ultimate proof that hip hop can be done to any kind of music. Hint: it's mindblowing.

Kyle Hanagami collab. with Miki Emura - Somebody to Love   Rolling in the Deep
I just couldn't choose one video. Normally, I'm no Justin Bieber fan, but Kyle and Miki's rendition of "Somebody to Love" is absolutely awesome. I'm in shock. Watch Kyle in this one.
Now, normally, I'm an Adele fan. But I never liked "Rolling in the Deep" (I know most people do like it. Don't kill me.) that much until I saw this choreography. Watch Miki in this one.

I.aM.mE crew - The Brain Bang
They just won ABDC! Yeah! Anyway, this was pre-ABDC. This is the defining essence of the style they are pioneering: brain banging. Basically, it's pretty mind-blowing.

Hok (Quest Crew) feat. Chachi (I.aM.mE crew) - Haven't Met You Yet
Enter tutting. I love Quest and I.aM.mE, but this is a little uncharacteristic of both groups! But totally characteristic of Hok. This one is adorable. You'll "awwwww" at least twice. You'll know what I mean when you watch it. Did you know Chachi's only 14 in this video? Sick.

Quest Crew - Performance @ Monsters of Hip Hop
At first I couldn't choose a video, but this...this is hilarious and amazing at the same time. It may be the funniest crew performance I've ever seen. I love Quest because they're so versatile - each member brings their own specialty, but it all comes together brilliantly. Quest won ABDC, and 2 of their members, Hok and DTrix (Dominic), have been on SYTYCD. Enter finger tutting. I'm pretty sure you saw them in Party Rock Anthem with LMFAO, even if you didn't know it was them.

Mariel Martin & Keone Madrid - Daydreamer
More Adele! This is just. Brilliance. You have to watch it at least twice to get the full effect. They're not as well known as the rest of the artists on this list, but this is just as worth watching as anything else I've recommended.

Grand Corps Malade - Romeo kiffe Juliette
This isn't really anything I can tell you about. This is made for video though. Artistically filmed, artistically choreographed, artistically written: this is the ultimate in hip hop and film. Find the English lyrics here. You won't understand it unless you know French, but it's ridiculous(ly awesome) even if you don't.

Nappytabs - Sad Clown       Get Outta Your Mind
How could I have forgotten them before!? I love Tabitha & Napoleon. These are both from the last season of SYTYCD, but they're definitely some of the best work they've ever done, in my opinion. Also, how sick is 'ballerina' Alex in Get Outta Your Mind? More of Dtrix in Sad Clown.

I'm sure I've missed some in this that my best friend will kick me for later. I'll be adding more posts to the Best of the Best series with my favorite videos of other styles!


  1. You forgot the best choreographer. Lyle Beniga. And Ian Eastwood's style is so gross.

    1. I've had a lot of posts including different choreographers since this one. And that's a matter of opinion.

  2. No Brian Puspos? :(