Saturday, July 23, 2011

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates!

So yeah, my best friend kicked me for missing stuff (if YOU missed my first few lists, here's my Ballet, Contemporary, and Hip Hop best-lists). I have too many videos! I'm a Youtube junkie! So I decided to appease her update with yet another list. From now on, I'll be doing updates every now and then, whenever I gather enough videos to post! If I get a good response, I might do a monthly update, but we'll see! Here's another round of my favorite videos, in no particular order:

EMANON collab. with High Define Koncepts
(Hip Hop) Conceptually great, filmed great, danced great. Nuff said.

Gigi Torres - Like A Boy
(Hip Hop) May not seem like much, but check out the date on the video. One of the first hip hop videos I ever watched and admired. Essence is doing well and for a good cause :) (one of the videos the best friend kicked me for not posting. Heh.)

Just for Kix has a Youtube channel that runs a series of short videos to teach dancers how to do basic steps, tricks, and stretching techniques. No particular style here, but I'd say it's for lyrical, contemporary, and jazz dancers. Be careful when trying to learn without a teacher though - I learned my toe rise here, and look where that got me.

Mark Kanemura - Dance Dimensions "Paper Planes"
I liked this one not because the dancing or choreography is super amazing (I enjoyed it though!), but because Mark (yes, from SYTYCD) makes this sort of funky hip hop/contemporary/jazz combination that works. Definitely for the versatile dancer.

Beyonce - Single Ladies
I already introduced the song on this blog with Dance Precisions' version in my Age-Appropriate Dancing post, but I'd like to say that I really, really respect Beyonce for this video. Did you know she wanted to be a dancer before she started singing? I know, who hasn't seen it/heard the song, right? But it's still one of my favorite music videos of all time! It's so fierce! On that note, here's a cool flash mob video of 100 Single Ladies (front view here).

iluvsepster - YDC Video Improv Contest "I Believe"
This one honestly made me cry the first time I saw it. It also took me over half of the video and yelling from my best friend to realize why she won the "Most Inspirational" award. That's how blind I am good this is.

Travis Wall - Wonderful (SYTYCD solo)
Yeah, I know. MORE Travis Wall. Bear with me. I've never particularly liked SYTYCD solos from anyone (as my dad likes to say, "the show isn't called 'So You Think You Can Choreograph'") unless they're professionally choreographed, but this is what I call a solo. It showcases everything he can do (8 pirouettes? Look at that control.) in 30 seconds and adds in some humor at the end. It's a wonder he didn't win the show...

Pilobolus Dance Company - Shadow Dance
Pretty clever stuff from an awesome company!

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