Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Age-Appropriate Dancing

I think it's great that little girls are starting to dance from a young age. And I'm constantly amazed by how good little girls are getting! I'm worried for what the affects the harsh training they're subjected to will be on their bodies, but they're sometimes even better than I am now, as a college student. But when dance starts to look like this...I worry.

Age 7: (gotta love Dance Precisions) the infamous Single Ladies

Age 7: (3 of the same girls as Single Ladies) My Boyfriend's Back

Age 7: (sexy seven year old firegirls. I'm scared.) Sizzle Sizzle

Age 8: TJ & the Lil Mamas

Ages 9-12: (she's good, but...) When I Grow Up

Age 12: (worries me less, but still a tad) Whip My Hair

I think that's enough. I just feel that using anyone under the teenage years for sex appeal in this manner is unnecessary and irresponsible of their teachers and parents. These girls can show off their skills without the skimpy two-piece outfits and "sexy" moves!

Disclaimer: I also understand that many of the videos I put above were from Dance Precisions. I'm not trying to say it's a horrible place, so please don't think I'm commenting on that particular studio. I think their dancers are amazing. Please don't take anything I said offensively! These are my own opinions and I do not wish to discourage or offend.


  1. There's nothing wrong with the dances. The dancers need to wear skimpy clothes so the judges can see lines, and the dances being sexual is just the kids having a bit of fun, so the skimpy clotehs and the sexual dances should be encouraged

    1. I just feel that dancers at that age should be treated according to their age groups. Most 7 year olds are not wearing those clothes and performing "sexual" movements because they are not yet mature enough to understand what they are doing. Revealing clothes are pretty unnecessary - the judges could see lines perfectly in leotards and shorts or tights. Again, this is only my personal opinion - I still think these dancers are absolutely amazing!