Saturday, June 2, 2012

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 17

I talked about going to Kenya Dance SoCal 2012 in my Updates 15 post last month and finally got around to finding some of those videos of the best pieces that I talked about.

323 Area Kidz, Kenya Dance SoCal 2012
Amazing stuff that teenagers can do. Great choreography, musicality, precision, and execution of their idea. A lot of fun too. Oh, those yellow things that the girls pull out of their pants (yeah, beware) are rolled up 323 Area Kidz tshirts. I got one.

Instant Noodles Crew at Kenya Dance SoCal 2012
They're missing over half of the crew! A little disappointed about that, but they pulled off a clean and funny routine, as always. A lot of old choreo as well, but hey, it works.

I.aM.mE at Kenya Dance SoCal 2012
A lot of old material, some of it from ABDC, some from old choreo vids posted on Youtube, but it's fantastic when put together like that. Slightly different from their NorCal performance that I posted in Updates 15.

Academy of Swag at Kenya Dance SoCal 2012
Like I said before, hands down my favorite piece in the show. The Matrix is one of my favorite movie series ever, and combining their interpretation of the movie's characters and famous moments with badass hip hop is mind blowing. They had the best precision possible, amazing moves, and even managed to capture the attitudes and signature habits of Agent Smith. The girl agents are a plus. Oh, and you might recognize the idea of the chair section from their amazing piece at Hip Hop International 2011.

DS2UDIO: Keone and Mari
Keone Madrid and Mariel Martin share a short clip of their thoughts on dance.

Mos Wanted Crew - Cockiness (ABDC Week 7)
Mos Wanted is probably one of the strongest gatherings of individually famous people that I've ever seen in the hip hop world. After being hit with criticism in Week 6, they came back strong, using their challenge prop in both classic and innovative ways. They really are there to win (was there ever any doubt?).

Introducing the newest member of The Pulse faculty...
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