Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Interesting Links 4

StageWrite Software for iPad
Behold the next generation of apps! This handy app allows you to draw a stage from bird's-eye view, label names, create formations and formation changes, and view the whole production in slideshow. It seems time consuming, but it could revolutionize the world of choreography staging. That being said, I'm not sure I'm ready to give up my trusty pen and notebook yet.

Easy Lunchboxes
It's a bento box-style tupperware container! Convenient, functional, and cute.

Wendy Perron for Dance Magazine - The Australian Ballet's Psycho Swan Lake
I will forever be enamored with Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, but this review makes the Australian Ballet's version sound enchanting as well.

Komal Thakkar for DanceSpirit - Must-See Ballet Documentaries
More ballet news! Aside from the obvious choice of First Position, these other documentaries look both inspiring and beautiful as well.

Isabel De Los Rios - The Flat Belly Solution
It's a diet book. Not going to lie, I don't usually like these "miracle diets" that promise spot reducing and fast, easy weight loss, but this one is a intriguing. My mom bought this book to diet, and while she hasn't lost as much as she'd hoped, this diet is tasty, doable, and follows all of the biggest nutrition guidelines that will allow for burning fat and keeping it off. It basically says sugar is bad, anything processed or non-organic is undesirable, and good fats are needed to burn body fat. We both lost 5 pounds too. Who knew?

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