Thursday, May 3, 2012

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 15 - Kenya Dance Edition

This post is a little special. I was lucky enough to be in the audience of Kenya Dream's Ken-Ya Dance SoCal 2012 last Sunday! I don't know how to describe the experience because my brain was blown into a million pieces and scattered/forgotten on the stage. It was so amazing and I was so mindblown (dancegasms x 10000) that I'm going to try and bring you some of my favorite pieces from the show.

Boogiezone Entity | Kenya Dance SoCal 2012
This was the only piece in the entire show that wasn't hip hop, but it was there because Entity is the contemporary dance company sect of Boogiezone. I'm not entirely sure how that works, but moving on. I've talked about my love for choreographer Emily Shock before. This choreography was very similar - quirky, contemporary, hard hitting and smooth at the same time - and contains some absolutely gorgeous partnering. Totally breathtaking concepts and control. They're one to watch.

Kaba Modern | Kenya Dance SoCal 2012
Rising to national fame from Season 1 of ABDC (placing 3rd), Kaba Modern is based in UC Irvine and is known for their style of combining hip hop with other styles of dance (probably mostly contemporary, as seen in this video). They have such great musicality, layering, and rhythm as a whole, and that isn't easy with so many members!

PAC Modern | Kenya Dance SoCal 2012
Good musicality, formation changes, and use of large numbers on stage for visual effect. Their piece had a theme of exploring all of the major styles of hip hop that are widely known/popular: I can identify an African-inspired section (well, it probably has another name), gesture/tutting, bboy, old school locking, etc. Bonus points for a whacking section. I'd say this piece is definitely comparable to Kaba Modern's style and strength.

I.aM.mE at KenYa Dance NorCal
I can't find a video from their performance in SoCal (it was a little different), but I.aM.mE is always good (they were one of the headliners for the show). One of many unique things about this crew is that the girls are (usually) portrayed as no different from the guys - they're not sexified, girly-ified, or less hardcore. Although...what is Chachi doing in the middle of the piece? Taking pictures with Moon? Er...anyways. They combined a lot of their best moments from ABDC (there was more new choreography in their performance in SoCal) and showcased each dancer. My brain is always banged after watching them.

Kenya Dance SoCal - Team Ferosha
I can't say I'd heard of this crew before coming to this show, but I'm so glad I know them now! They performed a piece based on Disney princesses Snow White, Jasmine, Ariel, Tinkerbell, and "prince" Shang (from Mulan). From what I remember of their introduction, they stand for LGBT equality as well as promoting dance. This was one of many themed pieces in the show, and it was put together and performed really well! My favorite was definitely Jasmine's section, but I enjoyed Snow White as a badass too.

Of course, Instant Noodles Crew was also there as one of the headliners. There was a great piece in the first half of the show (can't remember which crew!) that told the story of the Three Brothers and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter nerds + hip hop nerds = awesome show). But my favorite piece hands down was Academy of Swag, who did a Matrix-inspired piece based on the Agents. If I can find these or more videos later, I'll be sure to do another post! Let me know what you think of these crews/pieces!

***Update: Check out Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 17 for the videos from Instant Noodles, Academy of Swag, I.aM,mE, and more!


  1. I found what Cha Chi was disrespectful :(
    The dance she did as her solo she taught us at her workshop I went to!!!! I feel special :) still love her though

    1. Meeting I.aM.mE was definitely a little of a let down. I didn't expect them to be excited or super friendly to fans, but I didn't expect them to be so aloof either. Especially Jaja, Pacman, and Chachi - I felt a little disrespect too. It's okay though, they're still some of the best dancers around.