Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 18

Little Mermaid: Director's Perspective
I'm sure I've discussed SF Ballet's "Little Mermaid" starring Yuan Yuan Tan before, but just in case you've missed it before... The director here talks especially about Tan's ability to convey feeling through her facial expressions and how he uses close ups on her face in order to highlight that. Just shows another facet of dance that is important but not taught in the classroom.

Chachi Gonzales - World of Dance "How to Love"
This is relatively old, but still worth posting. The beautiful scenery and filming just enhance what she's doing.

Will Loftis - The Light Faded
What more could we expect from a choreographer who almost made it onto SYTYCD Season 7 who cast Jordan Casanova in the piece? Amazing choreography with equally matched execution. Stunning.

Will Loftis - Wolf and I
One of the girls in The Light Faded stars in this duet as well. I had to include two pieces from the same choreographer just for the musicality and partnering. Beautiful.

Travis Wall - Adrian Lee
Warning: PG-13. I know it's the same studio. Bear with me. Not a full-fledged piece from Mr. Wall, but some really interesting ideas and sensuality going on here.

Andrew Winghart - Back Up Off The Floor
The dance segment of this piece is beautifully choreographed, executed, and filmed, although I'm left a little confused about the significance of the beginning and end sequences.

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