Monday, December 31, 2012

Dance Resolutions 2013

1 year ago I made resolutions for 2012. I made an update about them in July in light of new discoveries and to see whether I had accomplished them. Did I? Let's check again.
  1. Get in shape, lose weight - shape...maybe. I'm a lot stronger than I was at this time last year, both mentally and physically. I do still need to lose weight, but I'm proud that I'm exactly the same weight and maybe a pound or two less than I was at this time last year. I haven't gained weight over break, thank goodness, and I know my weaknesses now.
  2. Post more on this blog and my YouTube channel - nope. I've been pretty bad about posting, and I feel like at times I feel that I have nothing to say. I hope that I never lose sight of my love for dance and that I never feel like that again.
  3. Do pointe more - yes and no. I accomplished this during spring of the last school year, but this semester I've been too tired and injured for pointe (sustained both back and foot injuries as well as more rehearsals). But my feet are still strong enough, and I'll get back to it when I'm well enough to do so.
  4. Keep sleeping - yes. I've done well with this one. Still 6-7+ hours every school night.
  5. Drink more water - sometimes. I've lost sight of this one every now and then. It's still a work in progress, but I'm getting there.
Imagine this says 2012-2013. Photo Credit

For 2013, what do I want?
  1. Build strength - I know what my weaknesses are now and what I need to do to build myself up. I want to build a fitness regimen for my day, week, and month, and hopefully keep it up all year long! I'll do my core workout, sun salutation, work with my theraband, stretch, and jump rope when I don't have a gym handy.
  2. Drink more water - yep. This one stays. I want to clear my skin, have more energy, lose weight, and stay healthy.
  3. Take care - of injuries before and when they arise. Of my mental and emotional health. Of my nutrition. I have done a lot of listening to my body this year and I know what it needs. I just need to gear my life and choices towards giving it what it needs. 
  4. Build a regimen - this kind of includes all of the three above, but I want to build a daily regimen for myself. I've done pretty good with keeping up my facial skincare routine, but I want to add using body lotion, foot lotion, and hand lotion. I want to keep up a daily/weekly exercise routine, and pamper myself once a week. Things like that.
  5. Be more thankful, positive, and happy - I've spent a lot of my life being negative, sad, and selfish. I'd like to start living.
  6. Stop being afraid - of the future. I have a piece to choreograph that will debut in mid February, and I'm scared to death. I'm trying to decide what city to move to to dance in in the future, and I'm scared to death. I'm worrying about auditions next year, and I'm scared to death. Truth is, I'm tired of being scared. I've read the book Art and Fear a few times, and I know that fear is what holds me back the most as a dancer and as an artist. I just need to let go. And on that subject...
  7. Relax - take time for myself. Make myself an epsom salt foot soak or bubble bath. Go out and have fun. Quit worrying. Stop being so serious on stage and enjoy the moments (it makes the dancing look better too). Snuggle under my electric blanket. Be young.
I wish you all a happy and safe New Year's! Keep dancing!

Love, Daisy

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