Saturday, December 8, 2012

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 24

S**T Kingz - Let Me Get This Right by Neyo :: Urban Dance Camp
This is so good and so sexy I might just start crushing...

Amanda Tae for Alexis and Jeanine Mason - For You
This choreography doesn't have the greatest continuity, but there are interesting movements and moments, and it most certainly showcases Alexis and Jeanine beautifully. They dance so similarly, yet are so beautiful individually and have their own voices. This piece shows that they both have incredible strength and clarity as well as emotional depth and love for each other.

George Balanchine - He Taught America How To Dance
This is a short article from DanceSpirit (by Margaret Fuhrer) that gives you a short idea of who Balanchine was and what he did for the dance world. Just in case you didn't already know, love dance history, or just love NYCB or dance in general...

Keone Madrid - Lois Lane
This piece is just so musical, so well executed, and so great with the suspenders.

Richard Walters - Spirit of the Stairway
This isn't dance, it's just music. That happens to be absolutely breathtakingly beautiful for dance. My jazz teacher just did a brilliant combination to this piece, and I wanted to share. :)

Mike Song and Anthony Lee - Vocal Dancing
This is so creative and funny.

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