Friday, December 14, 2012


My darling readers,

I, for one, can't believe I'm making this post now. I made my 10,000 views post in June of this year, meaning I received 10,000 views in about a year. Can you believe I've had another 10,000 in only half a year since then? 20,000 views and 155 posts!

I have had so much fun writing and updating this blog. It's even more of a pleasure to see that more and more people are accessing and reading what I have to say. It's been a personal journey as well - looking back at my old posts has taught me about myself and even reminded me of things to keep in mind and improve in myself and my own dancing. Even if none of you see this, I had to let you know and thank you, because I'm way too excited! I will continue to make posts that are hopefully more tailored to your interests and feedback via the survey I held and the comments I've been receiving.

To everyone who is traveling home or with family for the holidays soon - be safe in your travels and have fun!
To students who finished, are finishing, or will soon be taking finals - good luck/congratulations! Term's over!
To all - a good night :) and happy holidays! Thank you for reading!


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