Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Interesting Links

It's been two weeks! I'm sorry. So I had this collection of not-quite Youtube links, some interesting facts...but not enough to make separate news, video, and recipe posts. Here's a compilation of everything I've found interesting in the past few weeks.

Twich with Sophia Grace and Rosie
What could possibly be more adorable? I wish I was that badass in a tutu.

African Orphan turned Ballerina
Of course you've heard of the new documentary First Position. If not, bad dancer. Now you have. Anyway, ABC News dug up a little more on one of the girls featured in the film. The odds she overcame are enormous, and her abilities are even moreso.

Ian Eastwood and Chachi Gonzales - Oh No They Didn't
Everyone's been speculating for a while about Ian Eastwood and Chachi. Are they together? Are they not? This post makes it sound like they're a little more than friends, at least. I, for one, can't handle it. Can you imagine what kind of power couple that would be? If it means Youtube choreo collabs, though, I'm all for it. I may just swoon/faint/die if it ever happens though.

Gimme Some Oven - No Bake Energy Bites (recipe alert!)
Looks like a great, healthy, tasty snack to carry around to class and whenever else you're on the go!

101 Cookbooks - Sesame Almond Brown Rice Balls (another recipe)
This one doesn't look easy by any means, but for those of you who cook and are looking for something fun and challenging that will hold up as a cold snack/quick meal during the week, this looks like it. I love this blog and, even though I'm not a gourmet (I've never made anything off this blog, although I might make an exception for this Rhubarb Rose Water Syrup...), I follow it just for the pictures and interesting creations.


  1. Ian and ChaChi MUST be going out. Its like the dance version of Beyonce and Jay Z!!!!!
    Imo I'm kinda tired of Sophia and rosie

    1. Ian and Chachi's babies. Think about their hypothetical potential dance prowess. I might just die.

  2. DANCING IS MY LIFEMay 21, 2012 at 9:06 PM

    Those snacks look really great. I go straight from school to dance, so I could easily pop one of those into my mouth between classes or on the way to the studio. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Much cheaper than energy bars (lara bars are delicious though), and they're customizable! I definitely had that kind of schedule too. Good luck!