Friday, September 9, 2011

Update: What's in my dance bag?

Since coming to college, my dance bag has changed. I no longer drive to dance and lug my 500 pound dance bag a total of about 200 feet. Now, I have to carry my bag about a mile each way to the dance building. (You can cross reference what I'm talking about to see what stayed and what went by looking at my first What's in my dance bag? post.) So what's changed? First of all, I've switched to one of these as my dance bag:

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After the first day of lugging my other bag to class (I even took half of the stuff out!), I realized it wasn't going to work. Now, I have to keep a few essentials with me in the small front pocket and leave the bigger pocket for bigger things and things that I take out and replace every day. What's in it?

In the front pocket:
  •  bun hair supplies for ballet (hair net, bobby pins, hairbands)
  • theraband
  • tennis ball
  • inhaler
  • paper tape
  • tissues
  • band aids
  • foot tape
  • cotton
  • Ziploc baggie of almonds (emergency snack!
  • deodoran
In the main pocket:
  • towel
  • rotating dance shoes (I only take the shoes I need...don't leave them in there all the time anymore)
  • lunch (sandwich box with bread, cheese, turkey, and lettuce separated out. Juice box and string cheese, maybe an orange)
  • water bottle (I use this one from Brita that lets me drink any water wherever I go because of a nifty built in charcoal filter)
  • change clothes (if I'm going straight to class after)
  • books/binder/notebook (depending on if I have class)
  • purse (small bag with my student ID, keys, wallet, phone, hairties, and another emergency snack)
What I wear to walk to class:
  • bottom layer: dance clothes (cami and shorts or leotard and tights, depending on the classes)
  • top layer: jacket/cover up, long shorts/short sweats, socks
  • sneakers
  • stud earrings (love my jewelry)

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