Sunday, September 11, 2011

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 4

Yet more Youtube videos. They're great, again. You know me, there's a multitude of hip hop videos, some from the same choreographers and crews that I keep featuring...but I've also introduced a style of dance that I've never talked about!

Quest Crew - Mobile Routine
I know, Quest again. This is different for them though. Some parts actually remind me of I.aM.mE. You'll see the part I mean. Also, who can resist some Disney? Something else amazing, but not quite dance related - Ryan's Amazing Headspin Strike.

Tan Nguyen - I'm Good I'm Gone
This is really, really interesting. Somehow, the way it's choreographed reminds me of a contemporary-ish jazz...and yet it's hip hop. It's great, check it out.

Kindergarten Krump
These kids have more swag at 5 than I could ever dream of at 17. Sad? Maybe. But they're awesome.

Academy of Swag - Chair Routine at Hip Hop International 2011
This is crazy awesome. No music: just chairs, dancers, and hip hop the way it's taught. You just been swagged.

Instant Noodles (of ABDC) - Hip Hop International 2011: In the Lab
This isn't the world's greatest routine, and it is on this list for one reason. The entire video is really interesting, don't get me wrong, I like it! But start at around 4:00 and watch for about 10 seconds. That is why it's here. You'll see what I mean. It's the small things that blow your mind.

Laurie Ellington and Brandon Gonzalez - Not Until Now - A Film of Contact Improvisation
The term "contact improvisation" is sometimes loosely used to describe unchoreographed dancing where two dancers are always "in contact" or touching one another. What many people don't know is that real contact improv involves these elements with a third element of shared weight. This is a great exploration in contact improv, but there's also real emotion here. The description says that the dancers are going through a struggle, but I feel like they're really very connected. Of course there are unideal transitions, but that will always happen in improv. It's beautiful. (This is also my "well filmed" video of the week)

Martin Keogh and Neige Christenson - the play of weight
Continuing on the topic of contact improvisation, this is quite mind blowing at times. I so admire contact improv when it's in its pure, true form like this - 95% of the time, there is weight being shared, there are spaces being explored, the movement is fluid and nonstop. The movement isn't always beautiful or graceful, but it's innovative and so endlessly creative that that in itself is something beautiful and very special.

Hope you enjoyed!

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