Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Dance Moms"

No, I'm not talking about real mothers of dancers, I mean the new TV show, Dance Moms. Just from the title and what little I've heard of it, I'm a little scared to watch it. It goes right along with a theme I've discussed many times before on this blog: the controversy of competitive dance, especially for young girls. The show follows one of such competition studios and the training, blood, sweat, tears (and moms) that make it all happen. Do I really want to know what goes on behind the scenes of a competition studio? I'm not sure...

On the other hand, I want to do a little shameless promotion. For those of you who might watch the show, do you remember seeing Maddie's solo "Disappear"? I'm so lucky to be friends with the singer/songwriter Christina Li, so if you liked the song, please check her out on her Youtube channel, her Facebook page, or her website for a free download, and look at her other songs as well!

Update: Her album "Songs of Innocence" and the single "Disappear" are both now available on iTunes!

Have any of you seen the show? Do any of you watch it religiously? What do you think? Maybe you can help me decide whether or not I should start watching...


  1. I'm guilty T___T I've watched every single episode of Dance Moms and I always go to look for the latest ones. -___-;;; It's so bad... but so addicting o_o maybe the "so bad it's just a little good" causes people to watch Jersey Shore or any of those other bad reality tv shows..

    ~ Adriee

  2. Adriee - I feel like that's part of it. There's also the gross part of me that's interested in what kind of evils go on in crazy competition studios like that...