Friday, September 23, 2011

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 5

For once, I have nothing special to say in this blurb. Go watch awesome videos!

Keone Madrid - Crank It Up
This is cool, bada**, krump-inspired hip hop. And it's...great.

GRV - W.O.D. First Place Choreo Upper Division (Pomona, CA)
Okay, World of Dance is amazing. We've got some awesome choreography and planning going on here...and just look at that mass of people! Personally, I loved "Get Outta Your Mind" the most, but the whole piece is completely mind blowing.

Kaba Modern - Body Rock 2010
This is a good, solid performance. It starts off not particularly exciting or energetically...but if you want to see something really awesome, start at 2:35 and just watch that section. It's the best part and totally why the video made this list.

Piece of Sky
I featured this video in one of my last posts, but I really had to put it on this list too! This girl is talented, gorgeous, and mature for her age, yet maintains a youth and "wide-eyed" sense of innocence that is absolutely astounding and perfect for this piece/song. The song does get a little theatrical and "big" at the end, and the choreography starts to wander a little, but I still believe this is one of the stronger performances I've ever seen by such a young girl.

Stacey Tookey performed by Kendall - "Come Home" Stacey Tookey Choreography WCDE
Competitions/conventions like West Coast Dance Explosion make me feel conflicted: on one hand, regular dancers get to experience and learn from famous choreographers, which is great, but on the other hand, they're crowded, held in horrible venues for learning dance (carpet over cement anyone?!), and I believe that they promote younger dancers to be pushed too hard. On that last note, I think Kendall (the dancer in this video) does this piece beautifully, and the choreography is one of Stacey's better, in my opinion. In fact, I feel like she does it better than I could. Is that sad?

Vaganova Ballet Academy 7th Grade Center Adagio 2
If someone told me I even had hopes of looking like this and doing this at some point in my life, I would cry from utter joy.

Flash Mob: The Joffrey Gets "Real Simple" Full Version
Ever seen a flash mob do fan kicks? I thought not. Also, some of you may know that the Joffrey is a ballet prepare to be astounded by their choreography!

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