Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Facebook Sensitivity

A little more of a personal post today...

I had two auditions last week in school for two different shows. I wasn't expecting much of a return because I feel that there are much stronger dancers in the program than me, but I was lucky enough to be cast in one of the shows, and even in two different pieces! Even my mom told me that I could post it on Facebook to let people know, because it was so exciting for me. So that's great and I want everyone to know, right? Maybe not.

If something similar happens to you - you're cast in a production, or you get that featured role - be sensitive to the dancers around you. Please think before you go skipping through the halls shouting your ecstatic joy to the heavens, and before posting it all over your Facebook wall. There are dancers around you and Facebook friends that may not have made it, or whom may have had their hearts set on that spot. No, I'm not saying you shouldn't be overjoyed - you should! It's an accomplishment (and I'm proud of you, so be happy). But please think twice before telling the world - someone may end up resenting you or even hating you, and all you did was be happy!

If you really do want everyone to know, I'm not saying it's wrong! Go ahead, but please be aware of the feelings of those around you. Try not to rub it in their faces unknowingly. Be careful of how you phrase that Facebook post. All of this also goes for college admissions, competitions that you win...anything. Don't go posting "UCLA :D :D" all over your wall before stopping to think how many of your friends may not have gotten in. Just take a second and think before you post.

Me? I sent emails and called each person that I wanted to tell. Slower, but it gets the job done without hurting anyone's feelings. And I did this because I knew I had friends who were disappointed who I didn't want to hurt. Sure, they might find out, but they won't find out through an impersonal wall post.


  1. Aw this is so sweet. Shows how great of a person you are :)

  2. Thank you! I'm not trying to advertise that I'm a nice person...just trying to pass on my feelings! I've definitely felt a little slighted when people posted college acceptances...but thank you so much :)