Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 19

The World's Most Amazing Asian Synchronized Dancers
No idea who they are or where they're from, but this stuff is fantastic. Maybe a little more gymnastics than what we usually call "dance", but it's ridiculously impressive no matter what you call it. I'm going home now...

Showa Generation - Japanese Grandpas Dancing to Gee
I have to admit (guilty pleasure) that I love me some kpop (Korean pop music). One of the biggest groups (popularity wise and size wise - that's a lot of girls!) is called SNSD, or Girl's Generation. Watch the routines side by side or watch SNSD's original "Gee" - they're all fantastic.

Miss Representation
An oldie but goodie, not exactly a Youtube video, not really dance related, but important nonetheless. Speaks on the misrepresentation (hence the witty, pun-y title) of women in social media, advertisement, and daily life.

Wong Fu Productions - Step By Step: Poreotics
I absolutely love Wong Fu, and now they're incorporating dance! We've known for a while that they're friends with Quest crew (Dance Like Michael Jackson by Far East Movement), but now they're creating a series about learning dance! Poreotics even breaks down the basics of popping and hitting (I need it...). Their episode on kpop with Ellen Kim and Aimee Lee Lucas is fantastic too. Definitely going to keep up with this series.

Gina Starbuck - Scars
Whether you recognize the choreographer or the song from NappyTabs' clown piece on SYTYCD, this piece is inspired. This song has resulted in so many great pieces of choreography, I can barely handle it!

Allegra and Nash of O Crew - Stupid Hoe
Can't say I approve of the song and the message it sends, but this choreography is totally the opposite! Quick, quirky, yet fluid enough to hold it all together - they've got something going.

Anything (really, anything) that Beyonce does.
Everything Beyonce touches in the dance world is gold. It all started with Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), more recently there was Run the World (Girls) and Love On Top. All of her choreographers and casting crew are fantastic, and the fact that she does all of the dance moves herself is even better.

Just Dance: All the Right Moves Performance - Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, Teddy Forance & Kyle
Heard of this hot new TV show? I'm dying to see it!

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