Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy National Dance Day!

It's July 28th, and you know what that means! As proclaimed by Nigel Lythgoe and the Dizzy Feet Foundation (associated with SYTYCD), today is National Dance Day! Happy National Dance Day to all my Yankee friends.

I hope some of you were braver than I am and have sent in videos of yourselves doing the routines, or maybe some of you are attending the official event in LA and the big party in NYC and other events all around the country! I personally feel like every day is Dance Day, so for everyone else around the world, keep dancing!

Everyone tells you to dance like no one is watching, but whenever I dance alone, it usually ends up being something more silly and less dance-y. So dance like EVERYONE is watching and that you have all of yourself to give and nothing to lose.

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