Friday, March 9, 2012

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 12

I felt so guilty about my full month of not posting that I made another post today. Hope these videos make up for it!

Baryshnikov Coppelia Solo
When it comes to men in ballet, it really doesn't get much better than Baryshnikov.

The LXD Season 1 Episode 6: Duet
Not technically Youtube (it's on Hulu), but the LXD is extraordinary (hence Legion of eXtraordinary Dancers), and this is a beautifully crafted work of art.

Danielle Dominguez - blackout combo
Just a class combination, and I'm not fond of all the editing and effects, and it's a little hard to see the choreography clearly until the first solo, which starts at 0:27. It's subtle but interesting choreography, and there are some great lines and controlled moments shown by the dancer - she's lovely.

Milena Sidorova - The Spider
This girl's creative choreography takes full advantage of her technique, flexibility, and gorgeously unique body. She really does look so much like a spider.

The Australian Ballet - En Pointe!
Not really a dance video, but you get an insider's perspective on three beautiful ballerinas and the different techniques they use to prepare themselves and their pointe shoes for performance and rehearsal.

Robert Battle for Ailey - Takademe
Perfection. Sheer perfection. I have nothing more to say. Bonus: if you don't know Ailey that well, please watch this collection of clips from Revelations - Alvin Ailey's most famous piece and the most viewed dance piece in the world.

Lyle Beniga performed by Quick Crew in tribute - Nike Boots
This is a lovely tribute to Lyle Beniga's first class and choreography ever taught! Awesome to see where our stars come from.

Lando Wilkins with Mos Wanted Crew & Headbangerz - The Motto
Some people we've met already - Chachi, Ian Eastwood, Ellen Kim - plus some great artistic editing and choreography equals a fun video.


  1. Thx for the update!!! Nice time for watching after sore feet from practice :/

  2. I love Cha Chi!!!! Took her workshop and shes full of energy and is very good!!! Ian Eastwood is BEAST
    Cha Chi+Ian Eastwood= *fainting*

    1. Haha you're braver than I am! I would be so intimidated to take a class from either of them, but they're so ridiculously amazing. I think I would die if I saw them in the same room together...

    2. Lol I was in the front too!! Untill we started preforming...I'm a good dancer but with plucking up choreo, it takes me awhile.

  3. i don't know if you care to watch dance teams - but i've been youtubing them for the last hour or so - u of minnesota's jazz dance team is REALLY GOOD holy damn

    1. I really respect dance team dancers and competition dancers for their dedication, precision, and clear talent! It's not my favorite style of dance to watch though, so it's not super common for me. Thanks for the tip though, you're right, they're ridiculous!