Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Interesting Links 2

My earlier post Interesting Links was popular enough that I thought I could share more!

Foodie with Family - Homemade Larabars - recipe alert!
You've probably heard of Larabars. They're simple, healthy, additive/fake food-free, and so delicious that I can call one 'dessert' with no problem. As I was sitting here eating my Pineapple Upside Down Cake Larabar (amazing, by the way), I found myself wondering why I paid over $1.50 for an energy bar made out of 3 ingredients (dates, almonds, pineapple). Which lead me to this great recipe for homemade Larabars. Best thing is you really can make your favorite Larabar - as long as you have dates, you can add almost anything else you want (coconut, dried fruit, chocolate, and nuts are common in Larabars) - and it's so simple. No cook/bake/heat-recipe. Just mash, cut, mix, shape, refrigerate, and cut and serve. I can imagine rolled oats, peanut butter, chopped almonds, and a bit of protein powder to make a high protein yet tasty bar. Hopefully I'll forego Nutella. I make no promises.

Northern Ballet in 'Arts Troubleshooter' documentary this weekend
For my friends lucky enough to be able to turn on their TV's and get the BBC, this documentary looks intriguing.

ABC Family's Bunheads
Speaking of TV, have you heard of this new show? It premiers on June 11th, so we have a little ways to go. It looks like it showcases a little of what dancers go through and sacrifice for their careers...but not every down-on-her-luck dancer has a rich guy waiting to marry and support her. I'm not sure this is an idea I'm happy about...what do you think?

Scott D. Pierce for The Salt Lake Tribune - Ballet West exposes itself - on TV
Yeah, one more TV announcement. You probably won't believe me anymore when I tell you I almost never watch TV. But this documentary looks really interesting as well. For anyone who aspires to join a ballet company, this reality show will give you the ups and downs, best and worst of the world that is professional ballet. I'm not a drama addict, but I have to say I want to see this.

Joseph Carman for Dance Magazine - The Classicist Who Dared
David Hallberg, a male principal with ABT, was recently asked to join the world famous Bolshoi Ballet in Russia. Trained by the Paris Opera and dancing with ABT, Hallberg has joined the Bolshoi and touches on a few major differences between Russian technique and treatment and the American way. If this doesn't shock you, it should - the Russians have never let anyone else join their companies. Amazing news and article.