Thursday, November 1, 2012

Interesting Links 6

Suzanne Cleary & Peter Harding - Hands - Up & Over It (Dance Version)
Some people tap with their feet. They can tap with their hands. What's your point?

Komal Takkar for DanceSpirit - College Confessions: Being a UArts Dancer
A quick look for those who are now applying to and trying to decide on colleges.

Margaret Fuhrer for DanceSpirit - This B-Boy Will Blow You Away
Uh, did you guys know Red Bull hosts an international b-boy competition? Plus, the "Mountain Halo" is ridiculously amazing.

Katie from This Chick Cooks - Slow Cooker Hummus
Hummus is a delicious, healthy, and nutrient-packed snack. Unfortunately, you can add "expensive" to that list of adjectives. Did you ever really think about it though? Chickpeas, cumin, oil, salt, garlic...what's so hard?

Dance Magazine - Choreography Knocks
Maybe you've got a piece that you're proud of! My first ever dance competition was a local choreography competition where I submitted my first piece of choreography (and won 3rd place and $200, what?). Some of these are great opportunities!

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