Thursday, November 15, 2012

ABDC Cancelled?!

So I've been a bad blogger. Very bad blogger. 2 weeks with no post. I'm sorry. Happy early Thanksgiving?!

Anyhow, I got this news a few days ago: ABDC got cancelled after 7 seasons. What?! Some of America's best crews were discovered from that show. The most famous, celebrated, and successful hip hop crew of all time (aka. the Jabbawockeez - winners of Season 1) came from that show. So many of my Youtube hours were spent poring over that show. My favorite hip hop dancers Ian Eastwood (Mos Wanted), DTrix and Hok (Quest Crew), and all the members of I.aM.mE were launched into fame (or even more fame than before) by that show.

What really makes me sad is that shows like Dancing with the Stars remain strong after 15 seasons. DWTS makes already famous people even more famous. ABDC discovers new talent. DWTS is ballroom-exclusive. ABDC is hip hop, America's current dance obsession and the dance style of this generation. Tell me again why DWTS is more popular and deserves to be on the air more than ABDC?

I'm not saying that ballroom doesn't deserve it's spotlight or isn't as worthy or good as hip hop - I think it's great that ballroom is making a comeback in mainstream culture. I love that the general public is being taught to love all forms of dance, especially something "old fashioned" like ballroom. DWTS is a great way to educate the current generation about some of the culture that built the America we know today. I'm just sad that ABDC won't continue to be a part of that education.

How do you feel about ABDC getting cancelled? Did you like or watch the show?