Monday, August 27, 2012

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 21

Two Awesome Dancing Kids

JuBa Films with Justen Beer - With A Piece Of Chalk
This one 3 minute piece just so happens to contain everything that is possibly amirable: good cinematography, great dance and choreography, a young boy who has absolutely mindblowing talent, and a heartwarming story that can reach out and touch anyone and everyone. This one's a tear-jerker.

JuBa Films - Be Individual
A wide variety of interpretations of the same genre of dance: all valid, all amazing. Great message too.

Surfing Waves with Menlowe Ballet
"Sleek muscled fish" describes them well.

Isiah Munoz - Pink Matter - Frank Ocean
Some extremely detailed and intricate work in there. There's meaning behind every move if you listen to the lyrics, and every move is incredibly musical, if you listen to the music. Incredible.

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