Sunday, August 12, 2012

dance things that make me happy.

Because sometimes, there's things I come across that just don't fit into a category. They're just dance-related, and they make me happy. This will probably be a collection of photos, songs that I deem scream "dance me," and other random things. just beautiful and inspiring. A copy of their book would make a great gift for a dancer too.

This beautiful photo of Robert Battle's Takademe in rehearsal for Alvin Ailey
...takes my breath away.

Ludovico Einaudi - Solo
Beautiful song. If it had a little build to it, it would be a gorgeous dance piece. Maybe we can hand it to Hans Zimmer to remix?

This leotard from Dancewear Solutions
...and many others in their Ballet Leotards category. And this one. Oh, this one too. Heck, all of them.

This pose and this move from deviantART
Some things I'm testing out in my next piece? Probably.

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