Saturday, December 3, 2011

College Dance Auditions Update: What to Wear

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So you've looked through the clothing requirements for all of the schools you're auditioning for, and they allow crazy leotards. If you're going to a live audition, you want to stand out. Sure, you could wear a flower in your hair, or you could get a new strappy leotard from Discount Dance. Believe me, once you've been to one or two auditions, you'll have seen every strappy leotard from Discount Dance, plus all of the fancy unitards and leotards from Jo + Jax. Don't get me wrong, these leotards are beautiful and will probably make you stand out anyway because they look different than regular camisole leotards, but what if three other girls are wearing the exact leotard you're wearing? I know, bummer. That's where Eleve Dancewear comes in.

from Eleve's homepage
Not only are all of the leotards and unitards unique by themselves, but you can...wait for it...customize them. With almost any fabric, any color you can think of. Granted they take 8-10 weeks to ship, but like Eleve says, they're worth it to stand out. Plus, many of their leotards are under $50.

However, this is only one approach. A colored, fancy leotard is not always good. Make sure you read the requirements closely: you don't want to be the only one in a lavender flowered leotard when everyone else is in black and pink. You'll be out of the auditioner's minds quickly just for not following directions. Also, try to get a feel for what the school focuses on. Jazz? Great, go with one of these. Modern/contemporary? Something sleek without too many straps and distractions will go better.

On the other hand, this looks like a great, fairly inexpensive Christmas gift for dancers (but you might have to give it as a "your leotard is coming in 4-6 weeks" card)!

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