Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Gift List for Dancers

So you've only got days left until Christmas and you're missing some gifts (who isn't?). Are a few of them dancer friends? Knock a few of them out with this list! Here's some great ideas for gifts for dancers that you can find (hopefully!) in normal stores (not online, not dance-specific shops). Hope this helps/gets you going!

Essie nail polish in Ballet Shoes - Target
I've seen this polish in several Targets, so you should be able to find it anywhere. It's a cute idea and super dancer-inspired, without being pricey or predictable. Pair with a bottle of base coat and/or top coat, or a cute printed nail file, nail buffer, or nail clipper. Just the name will make her smile.

Legwarmers or crew-cut socks
Crew-cut socks (or thigh-high socks for that matter) have been hot for dancers in the past few years. Legwarmers are always a great, fun item for dancers. Both come in lots of colors, patterns, are relatively inexpensive, and don't need to be purchased in specialty shops. Target, Walmart, and regular clothing stores will have them, so you don't need to make a special trip!

Crop tops
Another item that's been super fashionable for dancers, especially in the past year. Cute, inexpensive tops can be found at Forever 21 and H&M. Bonus? If you order from F21, they're offering free 2 day shipping, and H&M has some awesome sales going on.

Hair Embellishments
Fancy, sparkly, big, flowery, feathery, glamorous. You can get hairties, headbands, and hair clips that will make any dancer stand out and feel great about themselves. Claire's/Icing isn't just for little girls - they've got great stuff for girls of all ages! Forever 21, again, has some clips as well.

Even if the dancer in your life isn't a makeup fanatic, she can't say no to some good stage makeup, false lashes, stick-on rhinestones, eyeliner, or even a good bottle of primer and makeup remover for her shows, performances, and competitions. She'll get use out of them no matter what you get her - trust me on this!

Baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts/hoodies
Dancers are known to wear the baggiest, most comfortable, most shapeless clothing imaginable over their sports bras and booty shorts. Encourage your dancer not to let herself get cold when she's not moving with some comfy sweats.

Reusable water bottle
Water is essential, and not just to dancers. This one is great for girls and guys, because water bottles come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns! This filtered water bottle is a great idea for dancers, who may not always be around a water fountain.

And when all else
Trail mixes, homemade jerky, Luna bars. My lovely roommate introduced me to Xocai healthy chocolate (although, that one you're going to need time for shipping). I recently discovered gopicnic (sold at Target, find them next to the easymac), a ready-to-eat box of prepackaged food that doesn't need to be refrigerated. Even better, they come in all different varieties (even vegan/gluten free), and all of them are under 400 calories! Maybe a dancer's cookbook, for the dancer who has a second love of cooking.

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