Saturday, October 8, 2011

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 6

First real dance post in over a week. I know, I'm bad. I'll do my best to update more often, hopefully at least once a week, if not more! Alright, go watch dance!

Infinite - Be Mine (Dance Version)      and      Be Mine (Music Video)
Have you ever seen a kpop (Korean pop) music video? They're pretty amazing. You've probably noticed that many of today's popular American singers are not just singers anymore - they're songwriters, performers, dancers, actors, musicians...basically, they're artists. I think that's so amazing, that the public is demanding more from their stars. Korean pop music is dominated by large groups (I can't really say "bands") of triple threat people (dancing, acting, singing) who are generally very good looking. Some popular groups include Super Junior, SNSD (Girls' Generation), and Big Bang, just to name a few. Here's a newer one, with some of the best dancing and choreography I've ever seen in a kpop video. The choreography as a whole is very well done, but if you want to see something amazing, watch (and rewatch) the dance break at 2:20.

jekajane - Love Foolosophy
More hip hop brilliance.

Robot Boys (Denmark) - Got Talent 2008 [DK] - Robotboys (Nick & Jeppe)
These two are exactly what their name suggest - robot boys. This is some of the most creative use of music I've ever seen. They capture every aspect of the music (and it's rich music with layers) so effortlessly, and the execution is completely brilliant. Oh, and they won the show.

Chachi Gonzales (of I.aM.mE crew) - Chachi Gonzales at 13 years old
Ever wondered what she looked like when she was younger (aka when she started being a BEAST)? Yeah, that's right. She's always been a beast...

Marlee Hightower - freestyle to Kevin Cossom "I Can't Help It"
This girl is 11. 11. 11. Eleven. Yeah, you saw that right. This kind of freestyle...especially when she's only heard the song once before? Pure, pure talent. Then look at her choreography (and oh my god she teaches workshops?!) in this video - Marlee Hightower workshop at U4RIA:)

Discussion Pieces: This is a new section of videos in the series, because I find a lot of pieces that I feel are strong in some areas and possibly not so much in others. I could discuss the merits of all of these videos for hours...but sadly no one to discuss with (unless you leave me a comment)! Here are some of those pieces:

Erin Novak-Lustig - Can't Help Falling In Love With You
I'm a little conflicted about this piece. It's beautifully danced, and the choreography is innovative, especially with the lifts. I felt that the girl was a little disconnected from the guy, but it could be part of the choreographer's choice. I didn't sense much emotional connection between the two, and the girl anticipated some of the "abusive" movements a little too much, but overall...I enjoyed this piece a lot.

This isn't a new idea: a white swan vs. a black swan, but what's great about this is they do a lot of the same choreography side by side, and I loved seeing the contrast between these two girls. They are similar in build, and because of the masks, even look similar (they're both blonde, tall, skinny, and have the longest legs ever), but they move so incredibly differently. It's the same choreography with two different interpretations. Sadly, I feel like they weren't well synchronized, and I don't feel like the ending really made sense after what happened in the dance, and the choreography itself wasn't anything spectacularly new and exciting...but the juxtaposition of white vs. black, innocent vs. siren was incredible.

Cheryl D'Arcy - Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger ft Christina Aguilera
I love that this is an all-level street dance class, and however short the actual combination may be, I really like the choreography....up until the leap at the end. That was a little awkward, but the sequence right before the run into the leap is stunningly interesting.

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  1. Did you know Jeka taught at Studio 10 for a bit? I took a few classes from her, actually!
    I love these SO MUCH...I always look forward to this post the most :)
    So, I pretty much completely agree with you about Moves Like Jagger and Swans (though in Swans I don't think the contrast in movement quality is really stark enough to make an impression...). But for "Can't Help Falling in Love" I was conflicted for (I think) totally different reasons. I wanted so much MORE out of the piece! It's such a promising idea and interpretation, and their could have been much more STRENGTH involved. Instead, there was a resignation and, as you said, disconnect that completely resonated in their movements and kept the piece from actually having a real impact. I wanted the guy to grab her with more control and strength, and for her to move with more pain and emotion. Meh. But I loved the dancing, I just KNOW the abusive story-line could have been more evident given the choreography...