Wednesday, October 5, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

I know this is a dance blog, but today was a sad day.

Today we lost a visionary, computer and gadget revolutionary, and one of the greatest thinkers of our generation: Steve Jobs.
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He's affected everyone in a very personal way. Most of you probably own computers, or your family does, if you read my blog. He was one of the pioneers of some of the greatest technological advancements ever known. I know that many memories have been created and cherished because of his work: I personally own a MacBook Pro, iPhone 4, and have had a few iPods and other Apple computers. My family owns an Apple TV, and my entire family has always used Apple products. I've enjoyed Pixar films (Toy Story, Monsters Inc.) and shorts (my favorites are "For the Birds" and "Day and Night") so very much, and this is all because of one incredibly brave, intelligent, and talented man. His innovation has allowed me to capture and edit my own dance shorts and segments with ease. His innovation has made it possible to own a music library of wonderful singles (for people like me who never buy albums) and for independent and unsigned artists to share their work. His innovation (and ego) created the computer on which the World Wide Web was created. His innovation has changed everyone's lives, forever, even if you don't own any Apple products or if you don't like Apple products. We will miss you, Mr. Jobs. Forever rest in peace.

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