Monday, October 15, 2012

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 23

MOMIX for Target
This is absolutely stunning. Some of the things that MOMIX come up with are just ridiculous. Things you wouldn't even imagine could exist do exist, and in such style. I love Pilobolus, and MOMIX doesn't disappoint either.

Pat Cruz - Lemme See
Some really interesting subtleties and use of formations and shape.

Dave Crowe - Beatbox Dubstep London
This is a stretch - it doesn't contain much dance. There's a little popping and performance in general. Mainly, it's an amazing beatboxer being an entire orchestra + synthesizer. Talent is so unequally distributed. It's not fair....

P!NK - Try
Props to P!NK for doing real dancing, and props to her partner for making her look so good!

Justin Bieber - Beauty and a Beat
There's some dancing, and some of it is in the water (wow.), but what I really put this video on this list for was Ian Eastwood's brief appearance. Did you catch him?

Matt Luck and Emma Portner - Dancing in the Dark
Crisp, precise, clear, heartbreaking and heartwarming. Lovely.

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