Monday, October 8, 2012

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 22

Mike Song - Skrillex - First of the Year
When it's half choreography and half improv...and you can't tell where one flowed into the other? You know it's good.

Shen Wei Dance Arts - Connect Transfer II
What if you could combine visual arts and performing arts, painting with dance? Oh wait, you can.

Yang Li-Ping - Moon Solo Dance
There's so much drama, control, and specificity that comes with shadow/silhouette play, and this woman pulls it off beautifully. The first two minutes are mesmerizing, but I do admit it gets a little weird after that.

Northwest Dance Project - (Vimeo) Covered
Okay, it's on Vimeo, not Youtube. Still a video, close enough. This is the beauty of what can be done with fantastic dancers and socks on a good floor.

Marion Crampe & Edouard Doye at Milan Pole Dance Studio
Some people may call this disgusting, I call it a beautiful and powerful display of strength and artistry.

Ian Eastwood ft. Chachi Gonzales - Fall by Justin Bieber :: Urban Dance Camp
They're the hottest couple ever. Ever. EVER. Oh, the choreography is amazing too.

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo - Swan Lake Ballet Parody
Anyone who knows anything about Swan Lake has probably heard about this section of the piece - the one with four corps members dancing together holding hands (I'm sure it has a name...)? Ballets Trockadero is an all-male ballet company who performs spoofs of traditional ballet - and all en pointe! This is old...but still. But still.

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