Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 Finale?

I'll be honest - since I've come back to school, I haven't been watching SYTYCD ::gasp::. I know, bad dancer. But I've kept up with the results, and I'm excited about the changes this season!

There's finally going to be one male and one female winner - two winners! Even though this may make the title a little less "prestigious," it makes it much more fair. Girls are competing against girls, guys against guys. No girl can compete with some of the amazing tricks and stunts that men can do (can you tell I'm biased towards male dancers? I'd give anything to be a male dancer).

Every season, it makes me sad that someone got left behind. Melanie Moore's 2nd runner up Marko (season 8),  Lauren Froderman's runner up Kent (season 7), and Jeanine Mason's runner up Brandon (season 5) were all absolutely brilliant dancers who I would loved to have seen share the title. If they had only come later, they probably would have!

I think that Nigel had it right - as time goes on, each season's dancers get better and better, more and more accomplished. More is demanded of them, and pieces develop more emotional depth, demand more technique, and require more finesse to master. However, I felt that seasons 2 and 4 were peaks for me - they had the most characters and a plethora of people who are making it big in the dance world today. But I digress.

Whoever wins tonight should have all the likability, versatility, and technique required of them in today's dance world. It's also the first season where the top 4's specialties are all outside the realm of contemporary - extremely exciting! I wish them all luck and hope that they will carry the name of America's Favorite Dancer(s) well!

Edit: Eliana and Chehon! A ballerina and a ballerino! We will never again see two ballet dancers winning SYTYCD, but let's enjoy it while we can, shall we? They're beautiful, and so deserved the title!

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