Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vote for Ballet!

Hi everyone!

You may have already heard, but YouTube is running a star search called "On the Rise," which takes semi-popular channels, asks people to vote, and displays videos from the most voted-for channels on their front page. Anaheim Ballet posts great information on dancing and interviews of dancers on their channel, and they're up against some tough opponents (soccer, beauty, art channels) and could use help with votes. I love watching Anaheim Ballet's videos, they're always super fun. Even if you don't watch their videos, wouldn't it be great for dance to be featured on YouTube's front page? Dance that isn't mainstream? We need to show the world that dance is real and accessible.

Please check it out! Vote at Voting ends soon!

**UPDATE: voting is now closed. Anaheim Ballet lost after a pretty close battle, until the final day when one of the underdogs came up from behind and blew all the other candidates out of the water. Thanks to everyone who supported dance on YouTube!

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