Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 10

Wow, it's February already. Where did time go? We're 1/12th done with 2012, everyone! To celebrate, here's more awesome dance!

Guillaume Cote - Lost in Motion
The beautiful harmony of sound, physicality, dance, and editing in one neat, simple, exquisite package. Stunning. One thing that might bother me is his hands - they're a little stiff at the beginning, but get softer and more fluid as the piece progresses. I also would have liked to see more emotion/motivation behind his dancing...but he's an amazing dancer.

Travis Wall for Jayci Kalb - Life of a Flower
This is some of the most interesting choreography I've seen from Travis Wall, especially the beginning. There are a few too many extensions/tilts (we know she can do them), but she's so good at them I don't mind it so much. Jayci's got control, line, grace - beautiful. Did I mention she's 12?

Hannah Wintrode - Do It Like A Dude
Just 'cause some girls cane, and they wanna prove it.

Indian Pole Gymastics
You've probably heard of aerobic pole dancing, and those girls look amazingly fit and strong, right? What if I told you that I recently was introduced to a form of gymnastics that originated in India many many years prior to the aerobic pole craze? And what if I told you that they're better? See it to believe it!

Erica Michelle Sobol - hourglass
Beautiful, effortless, musical choreography. Beautiful idea. Beautiful inspiration (Emily Shock) - and you can really tell!

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