Thursday, January 12, 2012

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 8

This update has some young dancers, some old featured choreographers from previous updates, and is bursting with generally awesome people. Oh! And happy 2012 to the dancers of the world :)

V Kabaniaev for Miko Fogarty - Casta Diva
This little beauty is 13. 13. 13. I can hardly believe it, she has such star quality and ability. I found this video when I was watching the trailer for the documentary "First Position", which will be coming out in May 2012. It appears that Miko is featured in the film! Can't wait to hear her story, can't wait to see the film!

Kyle Hanagami and Ian Eastwood collab. - Sexy and I know it
You're probably thinking that I promised to introduce different people and different videos on my updates. I can't help it though, Kyle and Ian collaborated! Chachi (I.aM.mE) danced it with them! It can hardly get any better than that.

Rock Dance Project - Men
Real men do ballet.

Weightless by Erika Janunger
This is completely a self-made project, and it's completely stunning. Incredibly conceptual and artistic. The real challenge is to see if you can figure out how she did it.

Alexi Orohovsky Le Corsaire
He's adorable. And doing something completely age-appropriate for a 4 year old! And if you read the article - that 8 year old doing the Swan Lake Black Swan Variation? Can be found here. I think she does a ridiculously fine job of it...but it scares me that she's 8.

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