Thursday, November 10, 2011

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 7

I've noticed that my Best of the Best have become a list of crazy-awesome hip hop videos with maybe one or two other styles thrown on, so I set out to change that in this update. This list will be comprised mainly of contemporary, modern, and ballet videos. Enjoy.

Megan Lawson - unrequited.
This is stunning cinematography. This is stunning emotion. This is stunning dance.

Angelin Preljocaj (Paris Opera Ballet) - Le Parc
Warning: this one's definitely rated R. There's no nudity, but heavy sexual suggestion and tension. This has to be the epitome of contemporary ballet. Not only does it have the most amazing kiss ever seen by the world of ballet (I kid you not - starts around 5:05), but it's so smooth and sensual, yet still completely balletic. Beautiful.

Gala Benois 2007
Warning: this one may be PG-13. I really have no idea what this is, exactly, the description doesn't say much...but this is absolutely incredible balletic/modern partnering. If you're offended by suggestion of nudity or sexual themes (again), please don't watch.

Jiri Kilian (Netherlands Dance Theatre) - Petite Mort 1/2   &   Petite Mort 2/2
Petite Mort is just one of those of those gorgeously flowy, innovative, and impossible pieces. There's some weird themes going on and props being used - it's very experimental dance. Again, ballet-based, yet incorporating contemporary and modern themes and movements. I just love the partnering at the beginning of the second part. It's absolutely connected and flawlessly effortless. Did I mention that Netherlands Dance Theatre has some ridiculously trained/talented dancers? Perfection.

Kyle Hanagami - Carnival
I promised mainly ballet/modern/contemp. Sorry. One teeeeeny hip hop video. If you like all of the videos I've posted before, all of the artists I've posted before...this video kind of sums it all up in one awesome explosion. Not only Kyle, but Miki Emura, Laura Edwards, Ian Eastwood, and others grace the stage in this piece. Not something to miss.

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