Sunday, October 13, 2013

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 31

Wooo made it to post #31 of this series and past 40,000 views! Have some more awesome videos.

Movement Research: Floorwork and Libertango - Tom Weksler
Absolutely stunning control and innovation. It's hard to believe what the human body can do, given the right training, resources, and a healthy dose of daring. This makes me want to get into bboying and inversions so I can add them into my contemporary/modern floorwork.

New York City Ballet Pas de Deux
What would a pas de deux look like from the perspective of two professional ballerina/ballerinos? Whether you've been partnering your whole life or just want to show some of your non-dancing friends/relatives what your point of view is, this video gives a fantastic insider's perspective.

Sinister Kid - David Lim
This piece won first place in the upper division at WOD this year (reference: DanceSpirit). Enjoy.

Sean Lew dancing to Applause by Lady Gaga - Miguel Zarate
I'm sure you've all seen this since it went viral...but how sick is this kid? I only wish I were half that sassy.

#sharethemattress - Ryan Steele
This is a full campaign with a whole slough of videos. This is just one of them. It's fantastic. Here's another great one.

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