Sunday, March 17, 2013

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 27

Gabe Copeland for Tap Overload - Poppin' Taps
Did I mention I'm obsessed with 'Thrift Shop'? No? Here's another clever version...tap style!

Gene Kelly - Tapping on Roller Skates
We all knew Gene Kelly was amazing, but color me impressed.

Jason Gorman - Baby's Romance
Musical and intricate, danced two different ways by two beautiful dancers.

The Royal Ballet - A Day in the Life of a Dancer
I'm sure not all ballet companies run their dancers' lives like this, but it's probably pretty close. Looks exhausting!

DS2DIO - Chachi Gonzales and Ian Eastwood in Dancers Among Us
If you haven't heard of Dancers Among Us, Chachi/Ian Eastwood, or DS2DIO/Jon M. Chu, you should go check them out.

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