Monday, February 11, 2013

Youtube Best of the Best: Updates 26

Kimberly Cole Music Video Audition
This makes me so happy, that people without training and who would normally be overlooked can go all out and work the room. He's sexier than I am. Probably.

Kyle Hanagami - Thrift Shop
Slightly obsessed with this song (oops), but this video is pretty incredible. I love the way they go in and out of groups with the choreography and how involved the camera is with the movement.

Yun Qun Shui Xiu (Chinese Water Sleeves)
I'm a little biased because I'm using Chinese Water Sleeve videos as research for a piece I'm currently choreographing, but I think this is quite amazing. If you've never heard of Water Sleeves, it's a Chinese dance form where women wear silk dresses with very long sleeves. The sleeves are supposed to mimic the flow of water or ink (calligraphy).

Leann Alduenda - Jesse and Sebastian
Two very different but beautiful dancers performing a beautiful combination with a beautiful ending.

Pacman & Jaja - Home @ Heart
Really sick choreography, also a super cute theme.

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